Julia Perez and Warsito Electrical Wave Therapy


Julia Perez and Warsito Electrical Wave Therapy

Is the Electro Capacitive Cancer Teraphy (ECCT) technology developed by Warsito Purwo Taruno only to inhibit the rate of brain and breast cancer cells? If Jupe, the familiar greeting Yuli Rachmawati alias Julia Perez, get ECCT therapy, maybe he survived from cervical cancer attack? Is there a plan Warsito make underwear such as CDs (panties) for patients with prostate or cervical cancer? So a little question that had surfaced in the launching of the book ‘Setrum Warsito, The Story Behind the Anti-Cancer Vest Invention’ in the Library of the Ministry of Education, Tuesday (13/6/2017) evening. Occasionally the audience burst into laughter in the room with a capacity of about 100 people. Warsito, a doctoral graduate of Shizouka University, smiled appreciatively listening to his pen. Not to mention Indonesian Reading Ambassador Najwa Shihab, Indira Abidin from Lavender Ribbon Cancer Support Group, as well as members of the House Meutya Hafid and Amelia Angraeni who sat in the front row seat. "" In principle it is possible, "" said the recipient of the BJ Habibie Technology Award later with polite. Science, Warsito continued, just detecting but not ensuring 100 percent success. In principle, humans only approach but can not repeal. "" Because the absolute, the absolute is only Allah SWT, "" he said. ECCT technology developed, Warsito continued, so far the chances of a greater response to cancer cells that spread rapidly and widely. But Warsito acknowledges his creation is not so responsive to hard and difficult splitting cancer cells. "" I do not know how exactly Mbak Julia Perez was sentenced to cervical cancer, "" said Warsito.Read also: Starting January 27, Lab Dr Warsito Not Serve Against Visors Anticancer Patients Before the clinic closes at the end of 2015 as ordered by the Ministry of Health, patients who follow therapy. Not only helmets and vests, Warsito also make other tools according to the type of cancer that diidap patients. Another tool according to the type of cancer suffered by his patient.

Just known, ECCT is the development of Electrical Capacitance Volume Tomography (ECVT) technology to scan any object in open space. This technology is then used by the United States Space Agency (NASA) for the space shuttle sensor system made of ceramics. In addition, ECVT can be used to measure the dimensions, stability, and hardness of the wood without having to cut it down. Another controversial scientist Warsito Purwo Taruno Read also: Vest Anticancer Warsito Geared Only to Breast or Cervical Cancer This book not only tells about vests and anti-cancer helmet invite controversy. More than that also tells about the journey of wake Warsito in the world of electric field research. He holds a number of research patents in the field of physics and chemistry that works exploited the US petroleum world to the NASA space agency. Long before the anti-cancer vests were created, Warsito was just a village boy who fought with all the limitations of trying to get a place in the midst of society and the world. Amazingly, he made his bitter past to cultivate and spread love and empathy for humanity. Also read: The Other Side of Controversial Researcher Warsito Purwo Taruno

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