Want Flawless Face? 5 Foundation It’s Reliable to Close Acne Scars


Want Flawless Face? 5 Foundation It’s Reliable to Close Acne Scars

Although claims can disguise the deficiencies in the face, not all foundation can cover the appearance of acne scars perfectly. Especially for faces that have acne scars or pockets are quite visible. If you also have such conditions, foundation with full coveraga reliable. Here are five foundation recommendations to cover acne scars:

Foundation that can cover the following acne scars is quite a favorite of beauty lovers. Many reviews say if the foundation was able to cover the flaws perfectly. Even so, the results remain natural and feel light. It is not surprising menginggat price is not cheap. Products that have 38 color options worth Rp 570 thousand is also said to be able to stand all day.Too Faced Born This Way Foundation

In addition to the output of Estee Lauder, the foundation of Too Faced is also much-loved. For those of you who want foundation to cover the former, the item worth Rp 500 thousand is also worth choosing. Like the previous option, the following products can also provide smooth results despite full coverage. This 24-colored foundation is complemented by a water-filled moisture content that helps moisturize. As for Alpine Rose which will brighten as well as Hyaluronic Acid that makes long lasting makeup. Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation

If looking for a foundation to cover acne scars and pockmarks, you can also rely on this product. Cosmetics are also present with a creamy, pigmented formula, and hold up to 24 hours. Can disguise the flaws perfectly, you will see if the pockmarks on the face like disappeared. Get this product with Rp 470 thousands.

The following Foundation does not promise resilience up to 24 hours but only half a day. But the foundation was also quite reliable to disguise marks or acne scars. Products worth Rp 520 thousand is claimed to cover redness, acne to hyperpigmentation. Moreover, the formula is equipped with Amazon clay that can improve the skin condition even though the foundation is not being applied.L’Oréal Paris True Match Super-Blendable Makeup

For you who have a limited budget, may be able to consider this product. Foundation that can cover the following acne scars sell for Rp 150 thousands. Formulated with Precise Match Technology, you can control its use with the young. There is also the content of vitamins A and C, wheat germ, and grape fruit to make skin nutritious, protected, and healthy. (ami / ami)