An Introduction to Algorithms and Computing


An Introduction to Algorithms and Computing

Computing is any activity-oriented activity making use of, benefiting from or producing computing devices. It includes all the research and experiment of formal processes and fabrication of both hardware and applications. It normally has technological, scientific, artistic, social and economic aspects involved. Computers have become a vital part of daily life since they can solve many problems that the human mind was not capable of trying. Computers and technology are developing at an amazing rate, to such an extent that it is likely that the computer will replace most of the human workforce in a few years time.

Computers and technology are developing in such a rapid way that the task of finding a job in computer science, computer engineering or software engineering may become challenging for the future. Job opportunities for computer scientists, computer engineers and software developers are likely to increase rapidly. Many of these professionals become self-employed as they establish their own companies or work as consultants. Computer science, on the other hand, is a highly diversified field with careers as varied as financial risk management, health care, education, engineering and even international relations. In addition, some positions may be available as IT technicians, system analysts, data analysts, software testers, computer programmers, security analysts and network managers.

Computers and technology are only getting better with each passing year and the scope of computing jobs is only going to increase with the success of the Internet and digital marketplace. It is predicted that by the year 2021, computing will make up nearly 50 percent of the labor market. Most of the work in computing right now is done by large companies with specialized hardware or by companies which utilize specialized software to help them do business. This is because of the complexity of algorithms and the inherent problems associated with computing. However, as more businesses realize the profit potential of working with computing and hire people whose specialty is in algorithm design, it is possible that smaller firms will also begin employing people who possess both the knowledge of algorithm design and the hardware capabilities to actually implement those algorithms in a real-world setting.

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