Blog Tech Or Web Site Technology?

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Blog Tech Or Web Site Technology?

The words “blog tech” and “web site” aren’t often used to describe one another, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what the differences are. A web site is essentially the world’s information center, and a blog is basically the thoughts and opinions of its visitors. In many ways, the two are similar. In other ways, they are worlds apart, with one defining the parameters of the former as the raw material that drives the latter. Today’s savvy Internet user is all too familiar with the latest technological trends: how to get Google results, how to upload a video, how to manipulate images, and so forth.

The latest blog tech news is more likely to focus on new ways to use WordPress (the blogging software that has become synonymous with the best blogs online), or how to make the most of Google’s data-driven website design tools. In other words, a blog tech is usually more concerned with the nuts and bolts of how a website and its blog can be used to make the visitor experience an interactive one. A blog does much more than just publish written text and link to other sites; it seeks to engage its readers in an ongoing way. As such, a blog tech is likely to spend a fair amount of time discussing how best to use HTML coding, for example, as well as what kinds of security settings and software to use for protecting information and cookies from being picked up by others.

So which is better: a blog about “blog technology” or a blog about “web site technology”? It’s a question that only answers itself, so in the meantime, let’s just concentrate on the stuff we know and love! In the meantime, good luck!

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