Computer Programming

Computers have revolutionized many industries and professions by providing calculations, data analysis and translation services. In fact, they are now used in every area of human endeavor. Computers are categorized into hardware, software and information systems. They are built on microprocessors, memory devices and mainframe computers.

Computers are divided into hardware such as personal computers, servers, workstations, printers, etc., and information systems like databases, networks, operating systems, user interfaces, command shells, package management systems, and web services such as email, spreadsheets, and web security. Software on the other hand, is grouped into application suites which include computer programs used to run other applications. There are also a variety of components called components. Components are used together in an integrated computing approach. The term ‘computing’ is usually associated with information systems.

In addition to hardware and software, there are a number of other aspects that form part of the field of computing. One such aspect is computer programming, which refers to the process of designing and running programs, and the tools and techniques used to write them. Another is information technology, which refers to the field of engineering that uses and promotes the use of computers, including computer programming, hardware design, and training. In addition, other areas of computer science include artificial intelligence, machine learning, database theory, and cognitive science.