How to Create an IT Blog

An IT blog is a type of writing or commentary posted on the Internet, generally consisting of informal, sometimes personal blog-style text posts. Blogs are generally displayed in reverse chronological order, with posts usually appearing at the top of a page, and the earliest post appearing at the bottom. This means that the latest post is at the top, followed by older entries.

As technology advances and develops at a rapid pace, there is always a plethora of new possibilities along with new trends that are becoming popular. Because blogs have such a short lifespan (some online users log in every day and then never post again), it is important to take the time to engage people in a meaningful way that will result in repeat visitors and readers. Most blogs, however, fall short in both areas and end up collecting only a few hundred posts along with a few dozen authors. Some blogs are hit by spam filters and are never visited or read, while other blogs get several visitors, many of them potential customers, per month. To ensure a successful blog, however, it is necessary to address concerns and problems that people have, as well as be sure to provide interesting information and entertaining anecdotes.

Social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook provide an excellent opportunity for people to interact with IT professionals, show off their knowledge, and discuss current issues with others. Twitter and Facebook allow for posting of short snippets, like a video or blog post, which can reach a much broader audience than a static article could. This ability to reach out to people and drive traffic to a blog allows the author to make more money from their IT-related social media accounts and blogs.