How to Find the Best Sportsbook


A sportsbook is an establishment that accepts bets on sporting events. The premise is simple: bettors can place wagers on what they think will happen during a game or event, with the sportsbook taking the opposite side of that opinion. Bets are paid out when the event ends or, in the case of a game that is tied, when it becomes official. Most online sportsbooks offer a wide range of betting options and are compatible with most mobile devices. The best sites will be regulated and secure, protecting customer information from hackers.

A sportsbook earns money by charging a percentage of bettors’ action, known as the juice or vig. The amount varies by sportsbook and can be higher for certain types of bets. To make a profit, bettors need to be knowledgeable about a sport and place enough bets to cover the juice.

One of the biggest advantages bettors have versus sportsbooks is that they can pick and choose which bets to make. This is especially true for prop bets, which are offered on a variety of things during games, from how many field goals the team will score to how many turnovers a player will have. These bets can be lucrative, but they must be placed carefully to avoid being taken advantage of by sharp bettors.

The top seven online sportsbooks offer large bonuses and thousands of betting options each day. FanDuel offers first-bet insurance and a rebate in the form of bet credits if your initial wager loses, while Caesars Sportsbook has an industry-leading selection of odds boosts. It also features a full-featured app and is backed by the massive brand of Caesars Entertainment.