Information Technology and Computing


Information Technology and Computing

Computing is any objective-oriented activity, creating, taking advantage of, or maximizing computing machines. It includes all the research and experiment of algorithmic procedures and design of both software and hardware. It also has financial, engineering, scientific, technical and social disciplines. Computers have become an indispensable part of everyday life. They are used in day-to-day activities such as business, computers, Internet, medicine, government, education etc.

The word ‘computing’ was first used by Alan Kay in his paper ‘algosoft’. Kay Saw computation as a process of problem solving. He did not mean that it is the solution to a single problem, but rather he meant that it is a procedure in search of solutions. In this sense computing is different from Algorithms in many ways. The main articles hardware of computers are main components of computing.

The main article information technology of computers consists of microprocessors, memory, input/output devices, hard disks, and processors. Information technology of the future will probably be in a much wider area. The applications of information technology are huge. Some of the examples are Internet, mobile communications, electronic mail, multimedia, digital signage, digital photography, Video conferencing, auto operation systems, digital networks, and others. Information technology is one of the main articles of modern day computing.

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