Progammer – An Insight to the Search Results


Progammer – An Insight to the Search Results

Progammer is a blog that has been launched by Matt Cutts, the same person who is the head of Google’s search engine team. The idea behind the blog is to provide useful insights from the technical side as well as the business side of things. The blog posts of Progammer have been gaining some attention ever since they were launched some two months ago and it has already become one of the most visited blogs at Google. In fact, according to a Google analysis, it is getting more traffic than many other sites that are usually ranked high on the search engine result pages or SERPs.

When we talk about the content of the progammer we can see that it is focused on SEO aspect and Google PageRank. Google PageRank is basically a measurement of how many times a website is linked to by various other websites and how many people click on those links through the link in question. So, the main goal of this blog is to provide SEO insights so that the readers will be able to gain some benefit out of it.

Another aspect of progammer that makes it different from many in the world is that it actually provides its users with some user personas. User persona refers to the idea that whatever you do on the progammer is what reflects on your personal profile, including your homepage. For example, the progammer homepage might show all the user names and their personal profile picture and that of Google itself, which of course will show up on the search results. Thus, if you want to be visible to many search engines, you need to be careful about what you do on the progammer homepage.

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