The Growth Of Technology In Our Daily Life

Technology is the collection of any systems, techniques, methods, and practices utilized in the achievement of specific goals, including scientific research, military action, or in the creation of new products or services. The process of technology transfer describes the interaction of technology and society, wherein one develops new capabilities to solve a problem and the other takes advantage of the new solution. Technology transfer also refers to the use of technology for the benefit of humans. There are three areas in which technology is used today in daily life. These are information technology, computer technology, and human resources technology.

In recent years, the development of various fields of IT like web designing, software engineering, e-commerce, and medical imaging has dramatically improved the quality of life for numerous human beings. Web designing involves the application of various forms of technology in order to create and maintain the World Wide Web, an interactive information system, a database, a platform, a network, and other components. It is one of the most effective ways to promote business and create a competitive edge over competitors. Medical imaging incorporates various forms of technology to create state-of-the-art medical equipment and perform sophisticated surgery. The latest technology used in these fields has made possible the creation of various forms of microchips that can enable specific machines to function accurately and minimize the damage done by faulty machines.

In addition to the above-mentioned technological applications, the modern human beings are also able to derive knowledge and information from other technologies. This is known as the culture of information technology. A wide range of information technologies are available for the advancement of a healthy life and the betterment of living standards. These include information systems, networks, computer sciences, computer engineering, software engineering, and other technological applications.