What Is Cloud Computing?


What Is Cloud Computing?

Computers are the most general purpose computer. They can be used for a wide variety of activities like playing games, business, education and even for taking the internet for a ride. The computing paradigm involves an agreement between an entity or persons to perform some work using a network of computers. The work may include scientific computation such as crunching numbers, scientific computation like simulation of various processes, statistical computation like decision trees and so on. It also includes creative computation, where one uses one’s intuition and creativity rather than programming in a programming language.

Computing is any goal-oriented act making use of, benefitting from, or producing computing machinery. It includes both physical and non physical aspects of information processes. It also involves scientific, technical, linguistic, artistic and social aspects of computation. Computers allow people to perform certain tasks such as editing source code and so on. A computer can also be used to collect and transmit information, manipulate them, store them and so on.

In this computing world, large computers are placed in strategically positioned servers to facilitate fast processing of big data. This distributed computing environment enables users to manage, control and access their computing environments through the Internet. Users can access computing resources over the Internet as and when they need them.

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