What is Computing?

Computing is any goal-oriented activity involving, providing, or generating computing machinery. It includes both scientific research and experimentation of algorithmic procedures and design of both computer hardware and software. It also includes social, scientific, technological, economic and social considerations. Computers are used in a wide range of activities such as controlling machinery, analyzing data, organizing information, evaluating results, providing personalized service, manufacturing and developing software, and more.

Computers are an integral part of everyday life. Computers are found in mobile phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), personal computers, laptops, desktop PCs, networking equipment, gaming consoles, and other similar devices. The invention of the Information Technology Infrastructure (ITI) made the world of computing more unified. Since then, developments in computer programming languages and hardware have improved system efficiency. As a result, the availability of computing power and resources has become increasingly inexpensive.

One area that has seen a lot of development in the field of computing is symbol manipulation and text processing. Software for these activities has grown by the day. Many scientific and educational organizations around the world use computers for scientific research, analysis, and data processing. Many businesses use computers for business process oriented applications (BPO) to help their employees manipulate and analyze large amounts of information stored in a secure and reliable manner. Some organizations use computers for full-fledged document translation, which can translate one language to another language without the need for writing or reading any second language.