Are Blogs Helpful For Business?


Are Blogs Helpful For Business?

Blogs are one of those things that seem to be all over the place. They show up in forums, online newsgroups, search engines, and many other places. A blog is essentially a personal, usually informal commentary or report posted on the Internet, usually consisting of discrete, usually informal blog-style text postings. Posts are generally displayed in reverse chronological order, with the latest post appearing at the top of the page, ahead of older posts. Most blogs are updated either monthly or weekly. Some blogs conduct polls, receive donations, or are dedicated solely to the activities of particular groups or individuals.

There are literally thousands of blogs hosted on the Internet. Some blogs, such as the “Happiness Building” blog which is maintained by an Australian blogger, have achieved popularity among some niche markets; specifically, among those who are interested in personal essays or self-help advice. Other bloggers have used blogs as a vehicle to make money.

Blogging itself has not been without its share of critics, who question the value of blogging as a business tool or an entertainment outlet. Business experts who claim that blogs do not replace traditional business media, or even provide a viable replacement for such traditional business media, are incorrect in their assertion. Still, there are many blogs which, through content, marketing efforts, or other means, have generated significant income for the bloggers involved. It is possible for blogs to generate income without requiring the bloggers to take on additional, unnecessary overhead. This is true for many established blogs, as well as newer, less popular blogs.

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