What is Computing?

Computing is any objective-oriented activity using, receiving, creating or utilizing computing machines. It includes all the study and experiment of algorithmmic development and the design and use of computers. It also includes other aspects like control, information handling, information processing and communication. Computers are used in all branches of science, including computer engineering, computer science, numerical analysis, statistical methods, machine learning, artificial intelligence, computer theory, real-world applications and scientific computation.

The field of computer engineering covers a wide range of activities related to the design, manufacture, operation, maintenance and storage of computers and their supporting infrastructure. Most common to this field are its main subdisciplines like information systems, numerical analysis, computer architecture, computer theory, scientific computation, software engineering and programming, security systems and networks, embedded systems, database management, desktop computers and microcomputers. Information systems is a part of algorithms, a form of thinking about and manipulating large databases that are normally stored on mainframe computers. Numerical analysis deals with calculating and monitoring various factors affecting the performance of various hardware and software using systems like calculus and trigonometry. Computer architecture designs the overall arrangement of a processor, memory, storage and input and output peripherals of a computer.

The field of computer science has many branches like artificial intelligence, cognitive science, cognitive computing, theoretical computing, scientific computation, scientific software engineering, systems theory and software methodology. It encompasses a wide range of scientific disciplines like cognitive science, cognitive architecture, decision theory, logic modeling, knowledge representation and information systems. It uses both machine learning and probabilistic approaches for statistical analysis and the design of algorithms.