What is Computing?

Computing is any objective-oriented activity generating, benefiting from, and creating computing infrastructure. It encompasses the systematic study and experimental development of algorithms and design of both software and hardware. It normally has technological, scientific, academic, economic, and social considerations.

There are many fields in which computing is applied such as information technology, computer science, software engineering, health care, business, and engineering. This is because computers are integrated in all fields of these disciplines. Some examples include automotive, military, and space programs where computers help in decision making. Computers in many cases are considered a medium instead of a tool, and therefore, they can also be a valuable tool in some cases.

One of the important areas that research has been focusing on recently is how computers can help people in a number of ways. These include saving time and information by saving travel time, saving costs on goods and services, reducing the use of energy, reducing the use of water, etc. In the recent past, there has been a tremendous increase in the use of personal computing devices such as laptops and desktop computers. Personal computing environment refers to the set of technologies and devices that maximize the use of a user’s computing resources. Personal computing environment consists of a wide range of electronic devices including desktop personal computers, laptops, workstations, minicomputers, digital assistant, video surveillance equipment, communication media and software that are needed for the efficient operation of an individual’s personal computing environment.